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Program Area Descriptions

Aquatics (Pool and Waterfront):

The Aquatics program at Lost Pines uses two Pools near the center of camp and a Waterfront Area located on Lake Bastrop.  The Waterfront has numerous watercraft such as canoes, rowboats, motorboats, kayaks, stand-up-paddle boards, and sail boats. Staff in the Pool areas typically teach all the basic Scout water skills such as Swimming, Snorkeling, SCUBA, Lifesaving, and BSA Lifeguard. Staff at the Waterfront teach all the

watercraft skills. The actual Merit Badges taught may vary year by year. In addition to classes, there is open boating and swimming most every day of the camp week.

Shooting Sports (Archery, Rifle and Shotgun):

The Shooting Sports area consists of three different ranges for Archery,

Rifle and Shotgun. It includes 3D Action Archery, Clay Pigeon Shooting and .22 Rifle shooting. In addition to classes, there is open shooting most every day of the camp week.


Lost Pines is home to the tallest climbing tower in Texas and centerpiece of our council’s climbing program. The tower supports both rappelling and climbing programs.  In addition to classes, there is open tower most every day of the camp week.

ATV Safety Course

The 14 year plus ATV participants will complete the ATV Safety Institute beginning rider course. ATV program will be conducted during the daily program periods. Trail Rides will be conducted on Thursdays. Staff assists

in teaching & demonstrating the various riding techniques.

Nat-E-Con (Nature Ecology and Conservation)

The staff in this area typically teach skills related to science & the environment such as Soil & Water Conservation, Forestry, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Space Exploration, Fish & Wildlife Management,

Bird Study and Astronomy. These Merit Badges may vary year by year.


This program area teaches basic outdoor skills to scouts. Typically this includes: Pioneering, Camping, Compass, GPS Geo-caching, Cooking, Search & Rescue and First Aid. These Merit Badges may vary year by year.  

Eagle Quest (First Year Camper Program)

Lost Pines has one of the best-known first year camper program designed

to show the new scout how a patrol works with a staff member acting as

the Patrol Guide for each patrol of eight scouts. All Eagle Quest scouts will work on First Aid, Swimming, and Leatherwork merit badges.

Living History

The Living History program is designed to provide a taste of Early American culture. This includes a working forge and sawmill.  In addition to offering

merit badges, there are demonstrations and activities on Living History

Night.  Staff in this area will typically wear historically accurate clothing to highlight this area. Mountain Biking is also based in the Living History Area.

Silver Pines Adventure

Staff in this area lead older campers on exciting activities throughout the week. This includes COPE activities, canoe fishing, Scuba, and ATV Safety.

Plus, an adventure trip Tubing in the San Marcos River as well as Archery

and Shotgun Shooting.

Office Manager

The Office Manager is responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the office which includes handling money. The Office Manager is also responsible for accurate recording-keeping for Merit Badge classes as well as general office duties such as copying and answering the phone. The position requires experience with standard office tools such as Excel, Word, and Power Point.

Service & Support

Staff in this area are responsible for general maintenance of the camp including Bath Houses, Garbage Removal, Commissary duties and replenishing  supplies in Program Areas.

Provisional Scoutmaster
The Provisional Scout program is for Scouts who wish to attend Camp even though the rest of their troop is not. These scouts are placed into a Provisional Troop under the adult leadership of a Provisional Scoutmaster who then serves as the unit leader for those scouts throughout the week.

Camp Commissioner

The commissioners spend the week working closely with the SPL and Adult Leaders of each troop. A commissioner serves as the  go-between for the troops and the camp staff. They conduct daily meetings, perform camp site inspections, and in general help ensure a good experience for each troop.

How To Apply

Consult the dates below for application deadlines. While we accept applications after the deadlines have passed, your choice of positions may be limited.

Summer Camp 2023

Program Director              Dec 31, 2022

Area Directors                  Jan 15, 2023
All Other Positions           Until Camp Is Over

Winter Camp 2023

Program Director             July 31, 2023

Area Directors                 Sep 15, 2023

All Other Positions           Until Camp Is Over

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